Individual Contract Verification for OFWs Online

If you’ve found a new employer abroad, you need to verify the validity of your job and employer by processing contract verification to ensure you’re on the right track. Whether you’re a new OFW or have been working overseas for years now, it’s important to keep up to date with the guidelines regarding employment contract verification.

You will learn about contract verification and how you can expedite the process in your designated Philippine Overseas Labor Office / Department of Migrant Workers or Embassy of the country where you’ll be working. Also, you will find here the requirements, qualifications, processing tips, and frequently asked questions to guide you throughout the process.

Before anything else, we need to know how contract verification really works by defining it and explaining why OFWs need to process this. If you’re ready, let’s get down into the details.

individual contract verification for ofws

What is Employment Contract Verification?

An individual contract verification is the process of verifying the contracts of OFWs to ensure they have a valid employer and job abroad. In addition, it also involves ensuring that the conditions in the contract match the minimum requirements of the host government and the POEA. This is important when getting your Overseas Employment Certificate because it’s a requirement you need to meet.

The purpose of employment contract verification for OFWs is to make sure you’re getting the entitlements and benefits based on the job agreement. The Philippine government wants to ensure that your employer will not take advantage of you. Below are the requirements to guide you in getting your new contract verified.


There are different requirements depending on your purpose of getting your employment contract verified. Check out the details below.

If you’re changing your employer, you need the following:

  • Two sets of original Standard Employment Contract.
  • One copy of your employer’s identification including their contact information.
  • Original and photocopy of passport.
  • One copy of your valid identification card with contact details.
  • Printed copy of your new Employment E-Visa.

For representative, complete the OWWA OFW form.

If you’ve switched employers or haven’t registered with the POEA, you need to process through on-site verification. Below are the documents you need:

  • One photocopy of passport with at least 6 months validity beyond departure date.
  • Company identification card.
  • One photocopy of valid Visa.
  • One original and two photocopies of employment certificate.
  • •.Employment documentation.
  • One photocopy of business registration or company profile.
  • One original and two photocopies of Contract of Employment.

If you’re renewing your contract, check out the following papers you will need:

  • One copy of your employer’s identification with contact details.
  • .Two sets of original Standard Employment Contract.
  • One copy of your valid identification card with updated contact information.
  • Printed copy of new Employment E-Visa.
  • Original and photocopy of valid passport.

Again, for representative, completed OWWA OFW form.


When it comes to verifying your employment contract, there are only a few qualifications you need to meet in order to easily get verified. The following are the basic qualifications for OFWs to get their OECs:

  • Filipinos working abroad without a POEA record.
  • Filipino migrant workers that are registered with POEA and changed their jobs onsite.
  • Filipino nationals that are authorized by the Immigration Department for an employment visa.

How to Process Contract Verification

Via Department of Migrant Workers Office

Visit the Department of Migrant Workers, formerly known as POEA. This office monitors and safeguards the welfare and rights of overseas Filipino workers. Moreover, they have an official website you can visit so that you can see licensed employers and agencies abroad. You can also verify if there are complaints filed against them.

Step 1: Visit the Department of Migrant Workers office and set an appointment through their official website or simply send them an email.

Step 2: Send the requirements to the nearest DMW office in your area.

Step 3: Settle the Verification fee.

Step 4: Wait for 3 working days until the verified employment contract is available for pick-up.

Via POLO Office Abroad

Another option to verify your employment contract is by contacting the Consulate or the Philippine Embassy assigned in the country you’ll be working. The POLO will check the contract and ensure that you are well documented. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Set an appointment with the POLO office via their official website or send them an email.

Step 2: Submit all the necessary requirements to the POLO office.

Step 3: Settle your payment for the Verification fee.

Step 4: For expired or about to expire OWWA membership, a membership must be paid.

Step 5: Wait for 3 working days to pick up your verified employment contract.

For professional or skilled workers, the contract verification process includes the following:

Step 1: Send an email or contact the POLO office through their official website to set an appointment.

Step 2: Submit the requirements to POLO office.

Step 3: When it’s ready for release, pay the fee for contract verification.

Holding a verified contract means you’re an OFW legally working in your employer’s country. Besides, OFWs are required to verify their employment contracts to get an OEC. If you’re still in the Philippines, you can coordinate with POEA in order to accomplish contract verification. For those who are already living abroad, they can complete the verification process through the designated POLO offices.

Video: OFW Contract Verification

Please check out this video for a step-by-step guide on how to process OFW contract verification:

Perhaps, you are wondering if you still need to go to the POLO office to verify your employment contract. In this video, you will learn how to verify your contract through POLO or DMW with ease. It includes steps and some helpful tips for processing your Employment Verification. There are also some instructions on how you can book an appointment with a few easy steps you can follow.

In addition, there are other important questions that were answered in this tutorial video including whether you need a health pass or not. If you’re planning to get an OEC, you will also find the basic requirements in the video. In general, you need your Work Visa, passport, and employment contract to process your verification with the Embassy or POEA.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to learn more about Employment Contract Verification for OFWs, here are some of the frequently asked questions that you may also want to know.

1. What is the primary purpose of contract verification?

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office verifies the contracts of Overseas Filipino Workers in order to guarantee their employment benefits, welfare, and job rights while ensuring they are protected at their workplace no matter where in the world.

2. Why do you need to verify your employment contract abroad?

To guarantee your contracts complies with employment laws, practices, and norms in the host country and the Philippines. It should also meet the documentary criteria of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration for Overseas Filipino Workers.

3. What is DMW or Department of Migrant Workers?

The Department of Migrant Workers is the former POEA, it serves as connection to other countries, facilitates jobs for OFWs, and protects their interests and benefits while working abroad.

4. Can I get an OEC even without verifying my employment contract?

When getting an Overseas Employment Certificate, one of the basic requirements is a verified employment contract. Only the DMW or the POLO can process employment contract verification for OFWs.

5. How many days before I can get my verified contract?

The contract verification process can take up to 3 working days depending on the contracts that the Philippine Overseas Labor Office or the Department of Migrant Workers officer needs to process. You need to settle the payment and all the requirements to get verified. Once your employment contract is verified, you need to visit the Embassy and present your receipt.

6. What does POLO mean?

The POLO or the Philippine Overseas Labor Office is the operating arm of the Department of Labor and Employment in executing Philippine labor programs and policies overseas to protect Overseas Filipino Workers in terms of their rights, interests, and welfare.


Employment contracts need to be verified by the POEA before OFWs are issued their OECs. In addition, the Philippine POEA BM Centers also ask for verified employment contracts when issuing OECs. Before your departure, you may also be asked to present your verified contract to the Philippine Immigration Officers.

The purpose of this article is to provide updated information on how OFWs can process their employment contract verification without the hassle, especially when they are already overseas. It also includes the qualifications, requirements, and some FAQs. Generally, it’s a must to verify your employment contract for overseas work in order to ensure you have a credible employer and a valid job.

If you’re not sure how employment contract verification works, check out this guide for the step-by-step process. Meet the requirements and qualifications before you make an appointment with the POLO or DMW office. Verified employment contracts only takes 3 working days to be released.

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