How to Book OEC Appointment Online (BM Online Processing)

Getting an Overseas Employment Certificate is a requirement for all Overseas Filipino Workers abroad. Without an OEC, it’s impossible to apply for an overseas job. The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration requires OEC before OFWs can leave the country and you can process it by booking an appointment online beforehand.

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So, how do you book an appointment online to obtain an OEC? Here’s the thing, if you are not qualified for online OEC processing, you will need to utilize the online appointment system of the POEA website. This short guide will navigate you through the step-by-step process to make it easier for you as you prepare for your overseas employment.

oec appointment


  • A copy of POPS-BaM or BM Online appointment sheet.
  • Original copy and a photocopy of valid passport.
  • Original copy and a photocopy of work permit, work visa, alien resident certificate, or similar document.
  • Original copy and a photocopy of employment contract authenticated and verified by the Philippine Embassy, POLO, or Consulate.
  • Business registration certificate of the employer including the business name, telephone number, business address, permit number, and email address.
  • In case the overseas employer doesn’t have a business registration certificate, their National Identification Card with complete name, address, ID number, and email address must be presented.
  • A copy of sworn statement that explains the hiring process done with the foreign employer.
  • OFWs who changed their employers on-site or who haven’t registered with the POEA yet, an affidavit or sworn statement that explains how they were hired by their current employer must be presented.
  • OFWs who are already registered with the POEA and will return to their employers but in another country, a letter from their employers confirming the job site transfer must be presented.
  • OFWs returning to their employers need to show proof that they are returning to the same foreign employer such as certificate of employment, latest payslip, or company ID.


  • OFWs who transferred to another employer.
  • OFWs who transferred to another job site.
  • OFWs without valid work permits or visas.
  • OFWs without POPS-BaM or BM Online records.

The online appointment booking allows you to choose date, location, and time that is convenient to you. With regular OEC processing, you will be guided by a staff of the POEA branch you’ve chosen to visit or the POLO office near you.

Setting an OEC Appointment via POPS-BaM

The POEA Online Processing System for Balik Manggagawa is a new system created to replace BM Online. Although they have similar functionalities, the difference lies in the system upgrade to reduce system errors and bugs. If you’ve registered with BM Online before, you can simply transfer your account to POPS-BaM.

Here are the steps in booking an appointment for OEC via POPS-BaM:

Step 1: Go to POEA Online Services website and login with your e-Registration account, or register if you don’t have an account yet.

Step 2: Update your details in the My Profile page including your passport and beneficiary information.

Step 3: On the dashboard, upload your profile photo as well as your passport photo based on the guidelines.

Step 4: Click the Balik Manggagawa link and make sure the details required are complete. Then, proceed by clicking the Next button.

Step 5: Enter the date of your flight on the next page and make sure to review the reminders before you click Next.

Step 6: Enter your details regarding your arrangement with your employer on the contract details page. Based on your situation, choose the type of transaction that suits best and provide your contract details before clicking Submit button.

Step 7: Choose the location on the drop-down menu for your OEC appointment. Again, read the reminders as you go to the next page.

Step 8: Choose the date and time, any day except on weekends. Click the arrows if you want to change the date. Proceed by clicking the Select button for your preferred date and time.

Step 9: Check all the details you entered for the appointment. In case you find an error, click the Cancel Appointment button and repeat these steps. If the details are all correct, click Print Appointment and don’t forget to bring the printed copy on your appointment day.

Setting an OEC Appointment via BM Online

You can only go this route if you already have a BM Online account. Follow these steps to set an appointment through BM Online:

Step 1: Log on to the BM Online system and click Already Registered. Enter your email and password to access your account.

Step 2: Click the appointment setting link beside the OEC Number Verification pop-up.

Step 3: Upload your photo and fill out the My Profile information page.

Step 4: On the Acquire OEC or Exemption category, enter you flight schedule details and click Submit.

Step 5: on the Select Location page, choose your POLO or POEA location on the drop-down menu and the OEC processing branch. To proceed, click Next.

Step 6: The calendar display will show you the available slots for your preferred location. Click on the date and time you want to process your OEC.

Step 7: A pop-up of your schedule will appear. If the details are correct, click Set Appointment.

Step 8: On the left side, click on My Transactions and choose Appointments to view your confirmed schedule.

Step 9: Click Print Info Sheet and then click Print Appointment to print the form.

Step 10: Write your printed name and put your signature at the bottom of the form.

Video: How to Get OEC Online Appointment

In this video, you will learn how to obtain an appointment for OEC online with step-by-step procedure. There are helpful tips to guide you throughout the process and make sure you have all the requirements before your schedule with POEA or POLO office near you. This video also answers some common questions from OFWs obtaining their OEC for the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I go directly to POLO or POEA office if there are no slots available for online appointment?

Yes, if you have a valid reason such as flight schedule in a few days.

2. How can direct-hire OFWs get their OECs?

Applying for an OEC for direct hires is different from OFWs who are hired through recruitment agencies.

3. How to set an OEC appointment if BM Online account doesn’t work anymore?

You need to transfer your records from BM Online to POPS-BaM.

4. What to do if I’m qualified for exemption but POPS-BaM system is asking to set an appointment?

Your records with POEA through BM Online aren’t updated to POPS-BaM. If they don’t automatically update in 24 hours, you need to manually match them.

5. If employer’s information is changing, is it still required to schedule an appointment?

If you have an outdated OEC information, cancel it so you can acquire a new one.


Booking an OEC appointment online can be tricky if you don’t know the requirements and qualifications to be met. If you’re changing your employer and job site, you need to set an appointment before processing your OEC. This short guide will walk you through the entire process to help you obtain an OEC without the hassle.

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