SPIMS Program for OFWs who are Licensed Teachers

If you’re an Overseas Filipino Worker with a teaching license in the Philippines, there are programs created by the government to help you go back to teaching once you’ve finished your employment contract abroad. Just because you pursued a different career path for your family doesn’t mean you can’t go back to your first love.

Signing up for SPIMS program can be a breeze if you know exactly what to do. This simple guide will walk you through the step-by-step process when applying for this employment reintegration program that OWWA established together with the National Reintegration Center for OFWs and other partner institutions in the Philippines.

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What is SPIMS Program?

The Sa Pinas, Ikaw ang Ma’am at Sir Program or SPIMS is created by OWWA with the help of the Department of Education and NRCO. This employment reintegration program helps OFWs with a degree in education and who passed the Licensure Exam for Teachers to pursue teaching once they are back in the Philippines after finishing their contracts abroad.

The program is also supported by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority and the Commission on Higher Education as well as other educational institutions such as the Philippine Normal University to help reorient and equip returning OFWs who are certified by the Professional Regulation Commission. OFW teachers are given the crucial competencies and knowledge to teach in the public education classroom.


If you’re a qualified applicant, you can pursue your application by completing these requirements:

• Photocopy of PRC ID
• Any valid ID such as passport
• Photocopy of PRC-issued Certificate of Board Ranking
• Completed application form
• Photocopy of passport including the arrival and departure stamped pages
• Photocopy of Certificate of Employment, Employment Contract, or similar document issued by the employer abroad
• If applicable, a photocopy of Certificate of Employment as a Teacher


Applicants should have the following in order to qualify for SPIMS Program:

• Returning OFW or has returned to the country for not more than three years.
• LET passer with teaching experience in the last five years or beyond five years, or no experience at all.
• Completed the online refresher course offered by OWWA-accredited educational institutions for applicants without teaching experience and those with teaching experience beyond five years.

How to Process Application for SPIMS Program

Once you have all the requirements, just follow the steps below to pursue your application for SPIMS program:

Step 1: Print or download the SPIMS program application form via www.nrco.gov.ph, or you can request a copy of the form by emailing nrco@owwa.gov.ph

Step 2: Fill up the form and send it with the requirements to spims.updates@gmail.com or nrco@owwa.gov.ph

Step 3: For walk-in applicants, applications can be submitted to OWWA Regional Office or Satellite POLO Office. Make sure to transact with the designated SPIMS staff or officer.

Step 4: Applicants with no teaching experience or have teaching experience beyond five years will be provided with the refresher course information for completion and attendance. After completing the course, Certificate of Attendance is issued to attendees.

Step 5: Applicants who have teaching experience in the last five years will proceed to DepEd for endorsement.

Step 6: Wait for a call, text message, or email from DepEd officer to confirm your application and the official details for teaching assignment.

Video: SPIMS (Sa Pinas, Ikaw and Ma’am at Sir) Program

In this 15-minute video, you will learn how to apply for SPIMS as an OFW-teacher with or without teaching experience. As long as you have passed the qualifications and requirements, you are a candidate for SPIMS program. Once you’ve passed the preliminary evaluation and screening, you will be schedule for the refresher course to be taken in your designated partner educational institution like PNU.

There are also other helpful tips you can find in the tutorial video. Just follow the steps provided and make sure to submit all the required documents to get a slot for this program. Remember, not all OFW-teachers are guaranteed to pass the screening and evaluation. So you need to do your best to get the benefits of being a SPIMS member.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I pursue my SPIMS application while still working abroad?

Yes, SPIMS program applications for OFWs can be submitted to the nearest POLO office.

2. Is there a fee for the refresher course?

No, the refresher course for SPIMS applicants is free. You just need to undergo an assessment with NRCO and then complete the course for DepEd final screening.

3. Can I apply even if I didn’t teach abroad?

Yes, you can apply for SPIMS program as long as you’re an active OWWA member with a degree in education and certified by PRC for passing the LET regardless if you have teaching experience abroad or not.

4. Are OFW teachers guaranteed to pass the SPIMS application?

Unfortunately, not all OFWs with teaching license are guaranteed to get approved for the SPIMS program. With limited manpower and budget, each application will be strictly evaluated by the DepEd, NRCO, and partner educational institutions. Only a few applicants continue the refresher course or pass the final screening. Also, some approved applicants don’t even continue their school assignments.

5. Can I apply if I’m not a LET passer?

No, only OWWA members with PRC license can qualify for the SPIMS program once they have finished their contract or have been repatriated.

6. Where do applicants take the refresher course?

Applicants who passed the preliminary evaluation and final screening will proceed to PNU or any partner educational institutions to complete the refresher course.


Teaching is not just a profession, but it’s also a mission or calling that the chosen ones willingly accept and accomplish. OFWs who return to the Philippines after finishing their contracts abroad can go back to teaching through the SPIMS program created by OWWA. The program gives returning and repatriated OFW-teachers another chance to get employed and serve fellow Filipinos through teaching.

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