OFW Reintegration Program: What It Is, Benefits, and Requirements

The Overseas Filipino Workers Reintegration Program is implemented by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration in order to help OFWs become more capable and productive when they return to the Philippines. This program assists returning Filipino migrant workers who were displaced from work because of conflicts and hostilities, illegal recruitment, and policy reforms in their job sites.

Under this reintegration program, displaced OFWs who are also active OWWA members are provided with proper training to prepare them for rebuilding their lives in their home country. Some of the valuable training programs include techno-skills, financial literacy, value formation, capacity building, and entrepreneurial development. They will also receive a livelihood assistance package to develop their self-employment skills.

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What Is OFW Reintegration Program?

The OFW Reintegration Program is designed to help overseas workers have a productive life after returning to the Philippines. It is implemented by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration to assist distressed and displaced OFWs due to political conflicts, wars, and other hostilities in the country where they work.

For those victims of human trafficking, illegal recruitment, and other distressing events overseas, the reintegration program is here to help. Some OFWs were displaced due to policy changes in their host government while others are affected by political conflicts and wars. The program aims to equip returning OFWs with the knowledge and skills how to build a source of income in the country.

Services and Benefits of the OFW Reintegration Program

When it comes to the benefits of the OFW reintegration program, eligible OFWs will receive specific training programs that are all free. In addition, the OWWA will also grant a livelihood assistance and services package for qualified applicants, while their dependents will get education program scholarships.

The following are some training services during reintegration preparedness on-site:

  • Returning OFWs will undergo Value Formation Training to help improve their attitude and behavior while making them understand the importance of these values to their lives.
  • Free financial literacy training is given by the National Reintegration Center for OFWs and OWWA to educate them about financial management and eventually develop financial skills so that they can effectively budget and invest to rebuild and stabilize their lives in the Philippines.
  • Under the Entrepreneurial Development Training, OFWs can make any business idea into a business plan. This will equip them with knowledge on how to start their business while successfully managing it. The goals include making OFWs become financially aware and preparing them in taking entrepreneurial roles in business management and planning.
  • Capacity building and techno-skills are also taught due to fast-changing technology. The purpose is to help OFWs work efficiently in their daily tasks involving technological tools. Also, it will equip them with knowledge, skills, and abilities to be competitive and relevant in the industry.

During the reintegration program in the country, here are the benefits and services you will receive:

  • Job referrals for returning OFWs looking to work again in the Philippines. This will give them more opportunities for their dream employment.
  • Business counseling to support and mentor OFWs through productivity advice, business consultation, and business network in order to sustain their businesses and eventually expand them.
  • Community organizing enhances OFWs’ well-being, functioning, and overall social health so that they can become well-rounded individuals in their local communities.
  • Skills and Entrepreneurship Program to provide OFWs with access to their new livelihood and business opportunities. This program is a partnership project of OWWA, TESDA, and PTTC under the sponsorship of Coca-Cola Philippines. TESDA facilitates the implementation of the program and issues e-certificates for participants who completed the training. TESDA also supervises the processes and overall implementation of this program to help OFWs benefits from OWWA livelihood packages available for those who completed the entrepreneurship training.

The livelihood assistance services offered by OWWA through the reintegration program are as follows:

  • Balik-Pinas, Balik-Hanapbuhay Program. This is a non-cash livelihood package to help displaced OFWs returning to the Philippines. It is available for both active and non-active OWWA members that were affected by political conflicts, illegal recruitment, policy reforms, and human trafficking in their host country.
  • Balik-Pinay, Balik-Hanapbuhay Program. This aims to give pinay OFWs the opportunity to learn livelihood skills through training programs. It also provides them with starter kits to help them start their own livelihood venture.
  • Livelihood Development Assistance Program. This is a livelihood grant offered by the National Reintegration Center for OFWs. It includes skills training as well as starter kits to help undocumented returning Filipino migrant workers with their business ideas and proposals.

Education and Livelihood Assistance Program

This EDLP scholarship program is for eligible OFW dependents of deceased OFWs with active OWWA membership. Elementary scholars will receive Php 5,000, high school scholars will get Php 8,000, and college scholars will receive Php 10,000 in cash assistance.

Requirements for ELAP Scholarship

  • Duly accomplished application form
  • Entrepreneurial Development Training Certificate
  • Business Proposal with approval from the RWO Director which indicates feasibility and sustainability of preferred livelihood
  • Proof of repatriation such as airline ticket, travel documents, and passport

OFW Enterprise Development and Loan Program

Formerly called the OFW Reintegration Program, the OFW Enterprise Development and Loan Program is a partnership between the OWWA and the Land Bank of the Philippines. It aims to provide better business opportunities and services for OFWs by granting credit assistance and bank loans so that returning OFWs can start a business for self-employment.

For business loans, eligible applicants can borrow from Php 100,000 to Php 5,000,000 depending on their business proposals. The loan amount should be paid within 5 years, and a 7.5% interest rate per year will be added. There is also a referral service under this program to partner lending companies. Eligible borrowers are OFWs with OWWA membership and Capacity Building certificates.

In terms of eligible projects, qualified OFWs can explore fields such as agriculture, non-agriculture production, franchising, transportation, trading, construction, service, or rental. The project proposal needs to generate at least Php 10,000 net income for OFWs and their families. The program also comes with a contract tie-up with the top 1,000 corporations.

The loan purpose is exclusively granted to borrowers who need to fund their fixed asset acquisition and working capital. The equity of the borrower is at least 20% of their total project cost and up to 80% of their TPC loan is used to cover their overall project cost. The total loan amount depends on the project requirements and the equity amount of borrowers.

For individual loans, the loanable amount is between Php 100,000 to Php 2,000,000 depending on the needs. For group loans, the minimum amount is Php 100,000 and the maximum loanable amount is Php 5,000,000 based on the project needs. The short-term repayment is one year, while term loan repayment depends on the borrower’s cash flow, but should not exceed 7 years.


  • Active or non-active OWWA membership
  • Enhance Entrepreneurial Development Training certificate
  • OFWs with current overseas contracts or planning to return to the country can authorize a representative such as a legal spouse, parents, or children

Tulong Pangkabuhayan sa Pag-unlad ng Samahang OFWs

This Tulong PUSO one-time grant is provided through equipment, raw materials, tools, and other forms of support. The purpose is to facilitate the formation, development, and restoration of the projects implemented by OFW organizations. The cash assistance depends on the requirements, but the maximum amount is Php 1,000,000 for organizations with 51 members or more.


  • Duly accomplished application form
  • Entrepreneurial Development Training certificate
  • Copy of CDA/DOLE/SEC Registration
  • Business Permit
  • Beneficiary Prole
  • Certification issued by the Regional Welfare Office Director stating that the applicant is an official member of OWWA-recognized OFW group
  • A business proposal which includes the minimum 20% equity equivalent of TPC
  • Board Resolution designating the Business Manager who will be responsible for filing and applying for the OFW organization

Video: Livelihood Assistance Package Para sa OFW

In this video, you will learn everything about the Livelihood Assistance Package for OFWs that are under the OFW Reintegration Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the OFW Reintegration Program?

The OFW Reintegration Program is designed to help returning Overseas Filipino Workers stay productive in the Philippines by attending skills training and using the starter kit provided by OWWA to start a business or livelihood project.

2. What is the specific training provided under the OFW Reintegration Program?

Training programs include techno-skills, capacity building, entrepreneurial development, financial literacy, and value formation.

3. Who is eligible for the OFW Reintegration Program?

OFWs who are active and non-active OWWA members are all eligible to enjoy the benefits of the OFW Reintegration Program.

4. Who are the qualified borrowers of the OFW-EDLP?

Eligible borrowers of the OFW-EDLP are OFWs with OWWA membership and capacity-building training certificates.

5. How much is the interest rate for the OFW-EDLP loan?

The interest rate is 7.5% per year for OFW-EDLP loans.


Now that you know about the OFW Reintegration Program, you can choose the best service that meets your project needs. The loan amount for the business loans offered under this program depends on the type of loan as well as the requirements of the business or livelihood venture to be set up.

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