OEC Appointment Doha, Qatar OFW Balik Manggagawa Certificate

In order to fulfill or renew an employment contract, OFWs in Doha, Qatar, are encouraged to acquire an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC). The OEC Balik Manggagawa certificate is important because you will need this document to show to the immigration officers at the airport before your flight back to Qatar. You will not be allowed to leave the Philippines under a work visa if you do not have this OEC certificate ready.

The overseas employment Balik manggagawa certificate is also known as an “exit pass”. You need to process this at the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) before flying to your work country.

Follow these steps to apply for OEC in Doha, Qatar if you plan to return to the Philippines and continue working overseas.

oec certificate in doha qatar balik manggagawa certificate


The following individuals are qualified to process the OEC.

  • Directly employed Filipino workers by an international employer
  • Individuals who are employed by a recruitment agency
  • OFWs employed by POEA’s Government Placement Branch (GPB)


Each document should be submitted in two (2) copies: an original and a duplicate or photocopy.

Basic Document Requirements

  • Printed Online Appointment (POPS-BAM)
  • Printed Balik-Manggagawa Information Sheet
  • Passport (valid for at least six months) from departure date
  • Verified Employment Contract
  • Visa Stamp or Qatar ID (pataka)
  • Sponsor’s Qatar ID
  • Confirmed Airline Ticket
  • OEC fees

Additional Requirements

What Should I do Before Applying for an OEC in DMW-POLO office in Qatar?

You must prepare yourself before going to Doha, Qatar Office; otherwise you will only waste your time. Here’s what you should consider:

1. Philippine labor laws and regulations prohibit foreign employers from directly recruiting Filipino workers, so you should determine if you qualify for an exemption from the restriction on direct employment. 

The employer must hire you through a POEA-accredited recruitment agency. However, some firms are exempt from the restriction on the direct hiring of OFWs. These include:

  • Employers of Professional and Skilled Workers with Verified or Authenticated Employment Contracts that Comply with POEA Standards
  • Foreign Diplomats
  • Heads of State and High-ranking Government Officials
  • International Organizations
  • Lower-ranking officials from the first three items who are approved by the POLO
  • Residents of the host nation who are permanent residents and who hire their family members, excluding domestic workers

2. Prepare all the required documents. As soon as you have confirmed that your employer is exempt from the direct hiring restriction, get everything ready right away.

How to Get an OEC Appointment in Doha, Qatar (POPS-BAM System)

Prior to visiting POLO Doha, Qatar office, an OEC appointment is required.

Follow these instructions to quickly make an appointment. Keep in mind that having an online appointment simplifies things because the government workers can immediately verify your information.

Step 1: Visit the POEA Online Service Website here –https://onlineservices.dmw.gov.ph//onlineservices/poeaonline.aspx

Step 2: Click the “Let’s go” button on e-Registration

Step 3: Click on “Register” for new users (just log in if you already have an account) and click the “I accept the terms of use” button.

Step 4: Fill in the required information and then click register (a message will display indicating that your registration was “Successful”)

Step 5: Log in to the email address you provided when you registered (there is a message containing your “temporary password”)

Step 6: Return to the link provided in Step 1 and login using the registered email address, then click “next.”

Step 7: Use the temporary password sent to your email, then click “log in.”

Step 8: Set your preferred password.

Step 9: Update your profile by clicking “My Profile,” after completing your profile, click “Update Profile” on the upper right side of the page

Step 10: Input your identification data (passport) and beneficiary on your profile

Step 11: Click the “Balik-Manggagawa” on your dashboard then click the “Next” button

Step 12: Enter your return flight date then click the “Next” button

Step 13: You will be asked about whether you are returning to the same employer, jobsite, and position if you are a returning BM.

If so, you can print your OEC exemption immediately.

If not, go to step 9 instead (change employer or new BM)

Step 14: Input all your contract details then click the “Submit” button

Step 15: Select your host country as processing site then click the “Next” button

Step 16: Choose and select your preferred appointment date

Step 17: Take a screenshot and print your scheduled appointment date

How to Apply for Overseas Employment Certificate in Doha, Qatar?

Step 1: Gather all of the necessary requirements.

Step 2: Go to POLO Doha, Qatar office on your scheduled appointment day. Show your approved appointment letter, valid ID, and full dose vaccination card / certificate to the assigned security personnel.

Step 3: The assigned security personnel will check your name to the list of approved appointments for the day. To avoid long lines, bring the complete set of requirements.

Step 4: Get a token number from the assigned personnel.

Step 5: Go to the processing window and submit your documents.

Step 6: Pay for OEC fees.

Step 7: Wait for the OEC processor’s advice before printing your OEC in POPS-BAM System

Make sure that all the information and details in your OEC are correct and in line with your credentials.

Step 8: Sign into your POPS-BAM account and select “Print OEC” from the “My Transaction Tab” menu.

Important Reminders

  • Avoid using non-English characters, such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Arabic, when filling out online forms. This will delay the processing of your OEC. Therefore, make sure you enter only English characters.
  • You are only permitted to acquire an OEC once every time you visit the Philippines. Getting more than one OEC simultaneously is not allowed.
  • Just remember to bring three copies of your OEC to the airport on the day you departure.
  • Please keep in mind that the OEC can only be used for sixty (60) days beginning on the day it was issued.
  • If a worker leaves the Philippines without an OEC, they might not be able to finish their check-in or they might be stopped by an immigration official before they leave. Prior to departing, you must make sure that you have this document with you at all times.
  • Balik-Manggagawa OFWs must also present a copy of the contract they have with their company, along with their plane ticket and any other necessary travel documents.
  • Once the OFW has all the proper documents, they can head to the airport and show the OEC to the immigration official there. OFWs who have an OEC can travel without issue and know that they are complying with all legal obligations related to their employment.
  • Feel free to call +974 3318 2459, Sunday to Thursday – 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Closed on Qatar and Philippines public holidays).


See InfoTsek’s video vlog below to know more about the requirements for acquiring an OEC.

Based on his own experience, InfoTsek, an OFW employed in Qatar, discussed the requirements and procedures to acquire an OEC.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any further questions regarding “How to Process OEC in Doha, Qatar”, see the list of frequently asked questions and answers below.

1. Who can get OEC exemption?

The following requirements must all be met in order for a Balik-Manggagawas to be exempt from acquiring an OEC:

  • Has a valid work visa or work permit
  • Returning to the same employer and workplace
  • Has a record in the POEA database

(Has previously received an OEC at any POEA offices or facilities, including the POEA main office, extension units, regional offices, POLO offices abroad, and BM mall processing centers)

2. Are OFWs allowed to travel without an OEC?

No. All OFWs leaving the Philippines, whether they are returning employees or new workers, must acquire an OEC.

The OEC serves as an exit clearance; therefore if you try to leave the country without it, Immigration will stop you. Additionally, you are excused from paying the terminal fee and travel tax thanks to this certificate.

3. How long is an OEC or OEC Exemption Number valid?

From the date of issuance, the OEC or OEC Exemption Number is valid for 60 days. You are required by POEA to obtain this as a Balik-Manggagawa before returning to your employer.

4. Is my OEC valid for many uses?

OEC or OEC Exemption Number is only intended for one use. Once you have given it to Immigration, it cannot be used again.

5. Why does the system want my most recent OEC number? What does it mean?

The most recent transaction record you have with POEA is your most recent OEC number. This information is required by the system in order to get your record and most recent employment information.

6. What happens if I forget my OEC number?

You will be redirected by the system to the APPOINTMENT page, where you must manually visit POEA to process your OEC.

7. What should I do if I lose my OEC?

Log in to your BM Online or POPS-BAM account and reprint your OEC.

8. Where can I settle my OEC fee?

  • You can pay your fees in a number of ways, including:
  • Globe G-cash
  • Over-the-counter thru Banks
  • Over-the-counter thru Bayad Centers
  • Online Banking
  • POLO Doha, Qatar office

Instructions on how to complete the payment process will be sent to you through email.

9. What is the POLO Doha, Qatar’s office hour?

The POLO office in Doha, Qatar is open Sunday to Thursday – 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Closed on Qatar and Philippines public holidays).

10. What is POLO Doha, Qatar’s address?

POLO Doha, Qatar’s address is Philippine Overseas Labor Office, Ground Floor, Building No. 24, Jawaan St. 808, Region 39, Al Saad, Doha, Qatar.

11. What is the POLO Doha Qatar’s hotline number?

You can reach the POLO Doha, Qatar office at +974 3318 2459.


OEC is a requirement to get employment and guarantee passing by immigration officials without a problem. Additionally, it grants OFWs the benefits of exemption from terminal fees and travel taxes. When returning from the Philippines to their overseas employment, OFWs in Doha, Qatar are encouraged to acquire an OEC.

To ensure a smooth application procedure, follow to the above procedures.

Contact Information

POLO-Doha, Qatar
Address: Ground Floor, Bldg. No. 24 Jawaan St. 808 Region 39 Al Saad, Doha, Qatar (Located behind the Al Saad Family Court and Al Saad Police Station)
Official website: https://polodoha.com.ph
Contact number/s: (+974) 4488-3858 | 4486 8001 | 4486 1220 | 5054 0707 | 3003 2248 | 3030 4778 | 3160 4400
Office Hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm (no lunch breaks).
Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/qatarPOLO/

Google Map Location

To visit DMW Office in Doha, please see the map guide below:

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