How to Apply for Jobs Abroad via POEA Website Online

Filipinos in the Philippines can search for job opportunities online to work abroad via the POEA website. The goal is to make it easier for job seekers to apply for jobs based on the country they want to work in. All you have to do is browse for job openings, click on the details, and submit your application.

Note: POEA is now merged into the DMW (Department of Migrant Workers) so be advised that POEA procedures should now be part of the DMW process.

So if you’re currently looking for a job abroad, start your search with POEA website. This is the place where you can find all the legit employers and job offers abroad as POEA checks and updates it regularly. It’s highly advised to use proper channels if you want to apply for a job overseas because there are illegal recruiters out there who may take advantage of you. This short guide will help you apply abroad with reliable sources of information.

What is the POEA Website?

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration is a government agency that helps Overseas Filipino Workers find a job and employer abroad. They serve like a bridge between job seekers and employers from different parts of the world. If you want to work abroad, the POEA website is the most trusted site where you can get an updated list of employers and jobs overseas.


  • Birth certificate issued by PSA
  • If married, marriage contract issued by NSO
  • If Muslim, certification issued by the National Commission of Muslim Filipinos
  • Diploma and Transcript of Records authenticated by CHED or DepEd
  • Training certificates issued by TESDA or any accredited centers
  • Passport
  • Certificate of Employment with minimum two years of experience
  • PEOS Certificate
  • Two copies of 2×2 pictures
  • If applicable, postgraduate diploma and PRC license
  • Email address


To know if you qualify to work abroad, you just need to meet the minimum age requirement. You need to be at least 23 years old in order to get hired for domestic work. Generally, OFWs should be over 18 years of age to be qualified.

How to Process Overseas Job Applications via POEA Website

Below is the step-by-step process when applying for a job abroad via POEA website:

Step 1: Register or sign up at the official POEA website. To do this, go to Google Chrome and enter POEA e-Registration on the search tab. Or simply click this link to start your registration. Make sure to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement before clicking the I Accept button.

Also, you need to read the Paalala and Babala for the warnings and reminders. In summary, you need to use an active email address to receive your registration confirmation and other details. Make sure all the details are correct. If you didn’t get a confirmation email, do not register again. For concerns, you can submit a ticket via this link and then enter your account information such as your complete name, active email address, and date of birth. Click the Register tab.

Check the email sent to you and activate your account by clicking the confirmation link. You can also use Google Chrome or other trusted browsers to open the link by copying the email and pasting it on Google search. Now, enter your password to access the account.

Fill in all the required information and make sure they are correct before saving your profile. Finally, you can proceed to searching for jobs abroad.

Step 2: Browse the job board. Click this link to look for a job via the POEA website. You will see three links to find the specific job you want: 1.Search Available Job Orders by Agency, 2. Search Available Jobs by Country, and 3. Search Available Job Orders by Position.

If you have the time, you can visit the nearest POEA office in your area to find available job offers abroad. Or you can go to any POEA Government Placement Branch to ask for available jobs.

Step 3: Submit your application. You can either send your application details to a recruitment agency or the POEA Branch. But if you want to do it online, you can submit it through the POEA website. If you’re planning to pursue your application through a POEA Government Placement Branch, make sure to register first.

Once you have chosen a job, go to the official POEA website and click the Apply Now button. Enter the required details and wait for the instructions on how you can continue your application.

Step 4: Attend the Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar. PEOS is a government program established for OFWs and getting a PEOS certificate is a requirement if you want to work outside the Philippines. The seminar will give you an idea of the proper procedures, requirements, documentation, and even protection against illegal recruiters.

You can either do this online or in person by visiting the nearest POEA office. Go to and choose a module: Domestic Workers or Professional and Skilled Workers. If you’re not yet registered, you need to create an account. You can proceed to sign in if you have an account already.

The process is quite simple, and there are only eight slides that you need to view and study. Make sure to read and understand the modules because there are tests after you finish each of them. Don’t worry about failing the tests because you have unlimited chances until you pass the tests.

You will receive your PEOS certificate once you have finished and passed the modules. Once you have the certificate, print it in preparation for your job application.

Step 5: Pay the POEA fees. Every aspiring OFW will need to settle the fees including placement fee, PhilHealth insurance premium, Pag-IBIG contribution, and documentation costs. The placement fee or one month salary will be paid once you have signed with the agency. However, you don’t have to pay this fee if you’re a household worker or seafarer.

The PhilHealth premium is 2,400 pesos per year, Pag-IBIG contribution is 100 pesos per month, and the documentation fees include costs for passport, training, medical exam, and police clearance.

Step 6: POEA recruitment process. The job process includes submitting your requirements after a POEA GPB or an accredited POEA agency contacted you. Read the contract and make sure it indicates your salary, overtime compensation, tenure of employment, contact information, and other important details.

Once you’ve reviewed everything and you agree with the claims especially during emergency situations, you can sign in the contract. Also, you need to secure your medical certificate from a DOH-accredited clinic. Then you will need to attend a pre-departure orientation conducted by OWWA and get a Certificate of Attendance.

Submit all required documents to your recruitment agency and secure your papers before leaving including your employment contract, visas, passports, OEC, and Certificate of Attendance from the pre-departure orientation.

Video: POEA: How to Apply Legally for Work Abroad

In this video, you will learn about the basic steps when applying for work abroad via the POEA website. It also provides details on how to attend PEOS in person or get the certificate online. There are tips on how to find approved job orders on the website and what documents you need to prepare. Lastly, it will give you an idea on how to prepare for your departure once you get hired for an over employment. This tutorial video basically offers helpful tips on how to become an OFW and finally sign a contract with a legit employer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What countries offer the most opportunities for OFWs?

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, and United States of America.

2. How long do OFW contracts last?

Depending on the agreement, contracts can last for two years or five years.

3. Can I work abroad even without any visa?

OFWs are required to get an OEC prior to leaving or returning to work according to POEA regulations.

4. Can foreign employers hire OFWs directly?

No, the Memorandum Circular states that no employer should directly hire OFWs unless they are a member of an international organization or diplomatic corps, government official or deputy minister, or a head of state.

5. Can I work overseas even without an agency?

Some organizations can hire Filipino workers for overseas employment. For instance, international organizations are excluded from the prohibition on recruiting.


You need to be determined and ready when applying for an overseas employment. Luckily, the POEA website is your friend when it comes to finding a job abroad with a simplified recruitment process. You can find reliable information on the website regarding overseas employers who are looking for specific positions.

It’s not easy to become an OFW, so make sure you can handle all the stress and challenges once you’re out of the country. If you really want to apply for a job abroad, the POEA can help you make your dream a reality. However, be prepared for the costs and requirements you need to meet before you decide to work overseas.

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